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Searsport dredging would hurt region's Environment and Economy

Click HERE to read Sierra Club activist Kim Tucker's editorial in the Bangor Daily News about the controversial plan of Army Corps of Engineers proposal to dredge 40 feet of Searsport Harbor.

"While the environmental damage from the proposed dredging is clear, deepening the channel will also have significant adverse economic effects in the Penobscot Bay region. The greatest of these adverse effects will be borne by the lobstermen of zones C and D, who make more than 46 percent of all annual lobster landings in Maine. The value of this catch in 2012 was more than $157 million at the dock. The value to the Maine economy is exponentially higher...This proposal simply makes no sense just based on the math. Mainers need to tell DOT and the Corps that 35 feet is deep enough in Searsport."

Kim Ervin Tucker of Isleboro is an attorney assisting the Zone D Lobster Council and Sierra Club of Maine on a pro bono basis in opposing any dumping of Mack Point dredge spoils into Penobscot Bay.

Sierra Club Maine at the State House, 2013-2014:

  • Here is testimony in opposition to the proposed mining rules in LD 1772. The proposed rules would place our state's clean rivers, lakes and groundwater at great risk from toxic metallic mining contamination, and expose Maine's taxpayers to pollution clean-up costs for many generations.

  • Read testimony in support of LD 1602, to establish a Commission to study the effects of ocean acidification and its effects on commercial shellfish harvested on the grown along the Maine Coast

  • Here is testimony against LD 646, which would weaken Maine's homegrown Renewable Energy Standards

  • Read testimony in opposition to LD 1147 and LD 1323, which would harm or could possibly halt wind energy investment in Maine

  • Read testimony in support of LD 1652 and LD 1252 which would help to build a robust solar program in Maine

  • Here is testimony in opposition to LD 1791, which would undermine Maine's Wind Energy Act.

  • Read testimony in opposition to LD 1838 from Glen Brand Chapter Director. LD 1838 would set a bad precedent by improperly taking money from Bureau of Parks and Land’s (BPL) timber harvesting revenue to use it for unrelated purposes, in this case to fund Efficiency Maine Trust programs.


To read our PACTS Fact Sheet click HERE.

Click HERE to watch "A Future For Maine Transportation: The Return of Commuter Rail Service to Western Maine,"

by the Maine Rail Transit Coalition, Sierra Club Maine and the Maine Realtors Association

                                                     Legislators and Midcoast Residents Oppose

                                                               Proposed Dredging of Penobscot Bay!

At a press conference in Belfast, the Maine Chapter joined more than 25 Maine legislators, local government officials, and conservation groups to express strong concerns over the harmful environmental and economic impacts of the Army Corps controversial plan  to dredge nearly one million cubic yards of sediment in the upper Penobscot Bay.

Click here to read the letter from 30 state legislators asking the Army Corps to undertake a Comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement.

Watch clips from the press conference in WCSH's story and read about the event in the Working Waterfront.


Take Action to Stop Corporate East-West Highway!

The Cianbro Corporation wants to build a 220-mile toll superhighway that would cut through the heart of Maine's north woods from New Brunswick to Quebec.

This "East-West" truck transport highway would endanger our waterways and air quality, increase noise and light pollution, harm key wilderness recreational areas, and diminish the tourism experience in the region.

Sign our petition opposing the Corporate East-West Highway today.

Cianbro lobbyists have been traveling the state to get this superhighway built. Maine citizens need to push back with a strong message that the $2 billion, privately-owned highway would threaten dozens of local communities, landowner private property rights, and potentially leave Maine taxpayers on the hook for this risky project.

The more people we get to sign, the louder our voice.

Add your voice by signing our petition opposing the Corporate East-West Highway.

A smarter idea would be to study the sustainable option of moving goods across Maine on the existing train infrastructure.

Don't let the corporate lobbyists drown us out.

(Katahdin photo courtesy of Bill Silliker, Jr.)


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